Ugram south film in Telugu

Ugram south film

Ugram Film in iBOMMA. This Film is Most well known South Film in Telugu. In this Article is Ugram Telugu Film Related News and Data supplier.


Police Boss Auditor Siva Kumar (Allari Naresh) is a fair and capable official. He is truly searching for his girl and his lost spouse, Myrna. How did the spouse and little girl of CI Shiva Kumar disappear? What has been going on with the various people that evaporated all through the city, numbering in the hundreds? Who is liable for the missing cases? In conclusion, how was CI Shiva Kumar ready to find individuals that were absent? How could he deflect the girl of his better half? The other account closes there.

In the event that ordinary individuals are missing, police show boldness. What will befall the cop’s better half and children, however, in the event that they go missing?How did that police officer save the two his family and different people who were missing assuming a police family was in danger?What are the significant repercussions of this movement? This Ugram film, which is narratively organized, is dazzling at a few sections.

With his experienced exhibition, Allari Naresh gave his most prominent presentation to date in this film. He was the film’s champion entertainer, particularly in a portion of the seriously difficult activity successions. Shatru, who had the significant influence, performed all around well too.

Vijay Kanakamedal

Despite the fact that Vijay Kanakamedal worked really hard as chief, the film’s result experienced the content’s absence of profundity. Albeit the first film made a few admirable statements, the large portions were generally not exactly dazzling. While the final part of the film is generally comprised of long successions, the primary portion of the film is fundamentally comprised of non-matter scenes and non-exercise analytical show.

You will perceive what kind of film this is ten minutes into the film. Furthermore, the film became sidetracked with silly arrangements. Also, there are a greater number of scenes than the story requires. As far as the plot, certain urgent entries are additionally not exceptionally remarkable.

With respect to specialized parts of this film Ugram, Siddharth J’s cinematography work is fantastic. The rest of the activity scenes have likewise been skillfully recorded as per the account, notwithstanding the film’s significant minutes. Altering by Chhota K Prasad is additionally first rate. Furthermore, Shri Charan Pakala, the music chief, made some astounding ambient sound. Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi, the film’s makers, made no trade offs while making it. Magnificent creation values are available.



Coordinated by Vijay Kanakamedala
Screenplay by Vijay Kanakamedala
Discoursed by Abburi Ravi
Story by Toom Venkat
Delivered by Sahu Garapati
Harish Peddi
Starring Allari Naresh
Mirnaa Menon
Cinematography Siddharth J.
Altered by Chota K. Prasad
Music by Sricharan Pakala
companies Shine Screens
Anji Industeries
Discharge date 5 May 2023
Running time 148 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget ₹ 10 crores
Box office ₹ 5 crores (Day 1) Andhra Pradesh and Telengana share
Project and Social Connections
Cast Instagram Twitter
Allari Naresh Link Link
Mirnaa Menon Link Link
Sharath Lohithaswa Link Link
Indraja Link Link
Shatru Link Link

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