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Balu( Sri Vishnu) has a poor opinion of love and is a failure atlove.However, Rocky will knot it right down, If any of the girls in this sequence say I love you to him. Balu and Sarayu( Reba Mounika John) ultimately meet following some dramatic events. That fellowship develops into love. Balu develops passions for her as well. Balu’s father– in- law’s son marries Sarayu’s aged family at the same time.

This is a significant hedge to love between Balu and Sarayu. What type of changes have been made to their love tale, in the end? What function does Sarayu’s father, Srikanth Iyengar, serve at the centre? What’s Balu’s father Senior Naresh’s will, which states that he’d admit millions of bones in property if he graduates? what eventually took place.

Sri Vishnu

Sree Vishnu, who played the lead in this filmdistinguished himself as the film’s name pantomime. There includes uproarious bits, a track by Sr. Naresh, and a track by Srikanth Iyengar’s family. In a analogous tonescenes in which the heroines get entangled in unlooked-for circumstances and sequences in which the idol tries to flee from those issues are immensely pleasurable. Sri Vishnu performed admirably in those moments as well. Samajavaragamana movie

Good humour has been developedparticularly in the alternate– half family sequences. Sr. Naresh, who played a different top partperformed superbly and gave a great performance. The star of the film is Naresh’s depiction of a typical middle– class parent who fails his degree.

Ram Abbaraju

Indeed though Ram Abbaraju, the filmmaker, packed this film with characters and narrative lines while still making it amusing, several sequences moved too sluggishly. Some of the sequences in Moin’s alternate half go sluggishly and fall suddenly of prospectsalso, the early part of the movie had further character prolusions from the director.

analogous to this, one has the print that we ’ve seen old– fashioned misreading comedy ahead, despite the fact that it sometimes handed some decent chuckles. But during the film, the crowd constantly laughs out. The character of Sr. Naresh was originally given further elevation before getting a guest star.


Directed by Ram Abbaraju
Screenplay by Ram Abbaraju
discourses by Nandu Savirigana
Story by Bhanu Bogavarapu
Produced by Razesh Danda
Anil Sunkara( presenter)
Starring Sree Vishnu
Reba Monica John
Cinematography Raam Reddy
Edited by ChotaK. Prasad
Music by Gopi Sunder
companies AK Entertainments
Hasya pictures
handling time 140 twinkles
Country India
Language Telugu
Box officeest. ₹2.00 crore( India)
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