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In this series, “ Mamannan, ” a megahit in Tamil, was restated into Telugu by Suresh Productions as “ Nayakudu. ” Asian film product enterprises. Let’s look at the rates of the movie that was shown to the public moment.

Nayakudu 2023

Drama, Political, Thriller

Cast Udhayanidhi Stalin, Vadivelu, Fahadh Faasil, Keerthy Suresh

Director Mari Selvaraj



The MLA from a lower estate is named Thimmaraju( Vadivelu). Raghuveera( Udayanidhi Stalin), his son, is maddened that his father did nothing about the injustice because he lost his musketeers as a youth owing to estate prejudice and was on the verge of death. As a result, none of them has spoken for the once 15 times.

Despite the fact that he’s an MLA, the family of Ratnavelu( Fahad Fazil), a significant member of his party, continues to treat him unfairly. To resolve the argument his son unintentionally got into with Ratnavelu’s family, Thimmaraju went to the house with Veera, but was lowered there. Raghuveera also turns on Ratnavelu as a result. The disagreement is enormous. Ratnavelu desires the bifurcation of this father and son relationship.



When it comes to South Indian countries, estate prejudice is particularly pervasive in Tamil Nadu. Demarcation and crimes against Dalits have a long history. Indeed if effects have changed for the better over the once many decades, certain extreme incidents continue to snare public attention. Despite this prejudice, there are filmmakers who have produced excellent Tamil flicks.

All of Pa. Ranjith’s flicks from this generation fall under this order. He himself had failed down, and Mari Selvaraj is now walking the path of the Guru. Mari, the director of dateless flicks like Pariyerum Perumal. Karnan, has now launched a brand-new Telugu movie called “ Nayakudu. ”

This is a narrative with a estate- demarcation background rather than a talkie or indeed an disturbing film. ‘ Nayakudu ’ contains a plot that makes the bystander suppose while contemporaneously having a marketable undertone. This exhibits heroic rates. There are times when I get the chills. Everybody may relate to some passions.

There’s a strong communication aswell.However, the narrative contains more Tamil geniture scenes, If not. The idol’s incapability to connect at any point is one of this story’s downsides. But it’s not worth viewing this movie just formerly.



Movie Nayakudu
Language Tamil
Screen 2D
Release Date 14 June, 2023
Star Cast Udhayanidhi Stalin, Vadivelu, Fahadh Faasil, Keerthy Suresh
Country India
Genres Drama, Political, Thriller
Director Mari Selvaraj
Patron Udhayanidhi Stalin
Cinematographer Theni Easwar
MusicA.R. Rahman
Editor Selva RK
Production company Red Giant pictures
Distributed by Asian MultiplexesPvt.Ltd., Suresh Productions
Cast and Social Links
Cast Instagram Twitter
Udhayanidhi Stalin Follow Follow
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‘ Nayakudu ’ is distinct from AR Rahman’s typical pictures. After “ Ponniyan Selvan, ” Rahman, who has long been criticised for not producing high- quality music, made a name for himself. The entire time, the background music is outstanding. propels the film. There are no typical noises in it. Songs by Rahman are passable.

Theni Shekhar’s cinematography is excellent. Good figure values are used. Another important film in the director Mari Selvaraj’s hand style. still, this could do without a little commercialization. The stories are a little less tightly wound as a result. The first half, as well as a many significant events, make the director’s gift clear.



When was “ Nayakudu ” released?

“ Nayakudu ” was released on 14 June, 2023.

Who are the main actors in the Nayakudu movie?
Udhayanidhi Stalin, Vadivelu, Fahadh Faasil, Keerthy Suresh

Who directed the Nayakudu Movie?

The film was directed by Mari Selvaraj.

Is the Nayakudu movie available on streaming platforms?

Yes, “ Nayakudu ” is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

What’s the runtime of the Nayakudu movie?

The runtime of “ Nayakudu ” is roughly 2 hours and 25 twinkles.

In which language is the movie available?

“ Nayakudu ” is primarily in the Telugu language. still, it has been dubbed into other languages like Telugu and Malayalam for a wider followership

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