Modhalum Kaadhalum 10-11-2023 written update

Modhalum Kaadhalum

Modhalum Kaadhalum is an Indian Tamil-language sentiment drama composed by Suresh Shanmugam. It depends on the 2013 Hindi sequential Ye Hai Mohabbatein. The main episode broadcasted on Star Vijay on the 24th April 2023, and all episodes are accessible for spilling on Tamildhool.

Modhalum Kaadhalum is set in Tamil Nadu, and is the narrative of Vikram (Sameer Ahamathu), an egotistical finance manager who is of Telangana beginning; what’s more, his family’s nearby neighbor Vedha (Ashwathy Debris), who is enamored with youngsters yet can’t have them all alone. They meet each other through Vikram’s youngster, Tanvika, who Vikram is missing from and who has lost her mom

Vedha, an aggressive and caring pediatrician moves with her family to another home in the city, close to Vikram’s family house. Quickly the nearby neighbor’s, and Vikram’s girl Tanvika begins to bond with her, and Vedha wants for her very own offspring.

Vikram, a self-important finance manager who has recently separated from his significant other for being traitorous to him, disdains love and connections. He pulls a trick on his worker during his wedding, and makes them question every others’ trust.

She is welcome to her sister by marriage’s child’s naming service, where she meets her previous life partner, where it is realized that his family chose to drop their marriage last-minute because of her barrenness.

Afterward, Tanvika wishes to wish her dad Vikram a cheerful Mother’s Day, and requests that Vedha for consent utilize her telephone. In any case, Vikram becomes irate when he hears this wish, and yells at Vedha for giving Tanvika her telephone. This denotes their most memorable cooperation.

Vikram’s nonappearance from Tanvika’s life prompts his folks to find a lady of the hour able to wed Vikram and go about as a mother for Tanvika. They resort to asking their girl Nandhini’s better half’s sister to meet them to talk face to face. Notwithstanding, Tanvika is disturbed that Vikram will not go to her school service due to being occupied in Hyderabad, so requests that Vedha help

Cast and characters


Sameer Ahamathu as Vikram (2023-), an egotistical finance manager, Tanvika’s dad, Vandhana’s ex-husband.[6] Ashwathy Debris as Vedha (2023-), a pediatrician, Tanvika’s neighbor


Nalini as Gajalakshmi (2023-), Vikram and Nandhini’s mom, Tanvika’s grandma
Kavithalayaa Krishnan as Baba, Vikram and Nandhini’s dad, Tanvika’s granddad
Uma Padmanabhan as Kaveri (2023-), Vedha and Vidhya’s mom
Girish as Subramani (2023-), Vedha’s dad, Kaveri’s better half.
Hensha Deepan as Vidhya (2023-), Kogila’s little girl in-regulation, Vedha’s sister
Child Aazhiya as Tanvika (2023-), Vikram’s little girl, Gajalakshmi’s granddaughter. She doesn’t have a mother, as she left Vikram, and afterward passed on in a fender bender. Her appearance helps Vikram to remember his ex.
Girish as Subramani (2023-), Vedha’s dad, Kaveri’s significant other
Santhosh as Vasanth (2023-), Vikram’s companion, as well as his partner at his organization.
Sudharsanam as Siddarth (2023-), Vedha’s ex, who wound up wedding one more lady as his mom didn’t need him wedding a fruitless lady.
VJ Kalyani as Shruthi (2023-), Nandhini’s sister by marriage, who one-sidedly adores Vikram.



Toward the finish of December 2022, Star Vijay reported another Tamil TV change of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein named Vikram Vedha, named after the names of the two primary characters, delivered by Venus Infotainment which debuted on 24 April 2023. With the send off of the second authority Tamil TV revamp of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein; the principal official Tamil TV redo Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai was circulated on Star Vijay from 3 November 2014 to 27 January 2017.


Ashwathy Debris was chosen for the female lead job of Vedha in the series after her outstanding exhibitions in the Telugu series Manasantha Nuvve and Malayalam series Kudumbavilakku. Sameer, a very much experienced entertainer in Tamil and Telugu films, was picked for the male lead job of Vikram. Uma Padmanabhan, known for her depiction of mother characters, was given a role as Vedha’s mom.


The sequential was delivered on 24th April 2023, to supplant Raja Rani 2’s 6.30PM opening on Star Vijay. Two promotion recordings were delivered on 24th Walk and 30th Walk 2023, with the first introducing an inner self conflict among Vikram and Vedha, with the second promotion video showing the result.

The sequential was initially given the name Vikram Vedha, looking like the film of a similar name as the storyline depends on the two eponymous characters conflicting with one another. Nonetheless, a legitimate notification was shipped off the makers of the series by S. Sashikanth, the maker of Vikram Vedha to change the name of the sequential. In this way, new promotions were delivered on sixth and seventh April separately.

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