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Maya Petika

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A patron presents a luxury smartphone to Tollywood princess Payal( Payal Rajput). Despite how much she enjoys it, she offers it to her coadjutor because of a challenge. The phone also changes hands and goes to several other persons in colorful locales, where each of them has their unique gests with it. Who are these individualitiesWas the technology a blessing or a curse for them? The results are in the movie.

Ramesh Raparthi, who also wrote the script and directed the film, deserves praise for the interesting subject matter that handles.

Payal Rajput gives a strong performance despite having a minor part. Simrat Kaur and Viraj Ashwin both perform admirably in their separate corridor.

The depiction of Srinivasa Reddy’s personality and his emotional connection to his pet monkey, Jyothi, is excellent. also, Sunil and Shyamala deliver their stylish work.

The movie’s uproarious sections are entertainingly dispersed throughout. The creative opening titles that use the characters ’ Instagram handles fit the movie’s conception beautifully.

While trying a new idea that centres on the trip of a smartphone and its possessors, the director fails to effectively tell the tale.

The gratuitous length of each tale in the movie makes the followership wearied. It would have been more effective to simplify several corridorsimilar as Sunil’s middle– class actuality and Viraj Ashwin’s love story.

The persona of Prithvi gets monotonous. Despite producing a many laughs, the comedy in this section is unhappy for all observers. The author has the option of using healthy comedy.

The narrative of Payal Rajput might have been strengthened because it offers a compelling emotional element.

By neglecting the fact that people in the movie may be understood simply, the filmmaker committed a serious error.


Director of Photography Suresh Ragutu
Choreographer Prem Rakshith
Public Relations
script Ramesh Raparthi
Story Ramesh Raparthi
Lyricist Sree Mani
Production Design J K Murthy
Choreographer Binnie
Lyricist Lakshmi Priyanka
Patron Magunta Sarath Chandra Reddy, Tharaknath Bommi Reddy
EditorD. Venkata Prabhu, Nav Cuts
Dialogue Tirumalnag
Production Design Purshottam, Bikshapati
Publicist Vineeth Sandeep
Presenter Magunta Venkata Narayana Reddy
Director Ramesh Raparthi
Original Music Composer Guna Balasubramanian
Cast and Social Links
Cast Instagram Twitter
Payal Rajput Follow Follow
Srinivasa Reddy Follow Follow
Rajath Raghav Follow Follow
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When was “ Maya Petika ” released?
“ This Movies ” was released on June 30, 2023.

Who are the main actors in the Maya Petika movie?

Payal Rajput, Viraj Ashwin, Simrat Kaur, Rajat Raghav, Sunil, Pridhvi Raj, Srinivas Reddy, Himaja, Shyamalaetc.

Who directed the Maya Petika Movie?

The film was directed by Ramesh Raparthi.

Is the Maya Petika movie available on streaming platforms?

Yes, “ Maya Petika ” is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

What’s the runtime of the Maya Petika movie?

The runtime of “ Maya Petika ” is roughly 2 hours and 22 twinkles.

In which language is the movie available?

“ Maya Petika ” is primarily in the Telugu languagestill, it has been dubbed into other languages like Telugu and Malayalam for a wider followership

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