Karthika Deepam 23-11-2023 Written Update

Karthika Deepam

Karthika Deepam 23-11-2023 Composed Update: Suriya says Hima is miserable to see our state

Episode starts Suriya says Hima is miserable to see our state, which is the reason she served visitors with me. Deepa says guardians should be joined for her youngsters so they need the two guardians. Suriya says Specialist Babu can’t figure out why. Deepa says she doesn’t have any idea. Surya asks when will Babu return to her.

I don’t have the foggiest idea when it will work out, I conceal it from taking a gander at the party however they reproved me that I was purposely going to that party, they don’t have the foggiest idea when they will grasp me. Suriya says OK, we should eat it. Deepa says I cooked nothing, simply express whatever you might be thinking. Saurya says pachadi and rice are sufficient. Soumya goes to cut tomatoes. Deepa Hima kisses the image.

While considering Kartik Hima’s way of behaving, what is Mounita Deepa’s take of the words and assuming she demonstrates me liable Ensured Newborn child of Kartik? Kartik asks her thought process. Maunita says she is pondering Hima in light of the fact that I don’t see the reason why Hima thinks often such a great amount about Deepa. Karthik offers something happened when I went out on the grounds that Hima was thoughtful with Deepa yet presently she has love for her. Maunita requests that she notice.


Hima says she doesn’t know regardless of whether Souza has food, she helped her mum. Kartik pays attention to her and thinks she is saying Mother? Soundarya eats her food. Hima needs it. He checks Kartik out. Sounder rigidly inquired as to whether he had known about calling Hima Mother. Karthika Deepam 23-11-2023 0n Tamildhool

Hima leaves yet Karthik questions her why she got back without illuminating others. You really want to let me know what’s going on with me and quit asking your folks for what valid reason you acknowledged me as your Father? Hima says don’t discuss my folks, I don’t require them. Kartik asks her to deal with serious consequences regarding what reason she feels like that. Hima Soundarya and Soundarya embrace as opposed to say Karthik ought not be engaged with our undertaking, do you have any idea about how she served at the party and moved me to Deepa, so I need to know why she began to think often more about Deepa?

For what reason does Hima have such a lot of adoration and empathy on her? Furthermore, for what reason is Hima holding the light and crying? I don’t see the reason why she really focuses on my better half. Hima Vandalaka says your better half is correct. Kartik is no longer there and you don’t figure out it so explain to her why you are crying. Hima says you don’t have the foggiest idea. She sends Hima to her room saying that the magnificence is brilliant.

Soundarya says presently let me know your concern. Kartik inquires as to why you sent Hima. Soundarya says that she is asking Deepa after you realize that she is your significant other and assuming we say that you have passed on Deepa because of dubious nature and you are worried about the possibility that that Hima will be near Deepa. Hima is considering rejoining me with Deepa and Suriya so there is something in her heart and I find it and Kartik expresses as opposed to requesting Aditya and Shravya for an unexpected change from Hima. Aditya says that Hima understood that the light was faultless. Karthik says I will talk after I know reality that is prepared to confront me in future.

Deepa prepares the following day and recalls her old minutes with Kartik and cries. Suriya says how about we go out to shop shopping and they will see Karthik’s dad in their place. At the point when he returns, Surya requests that he come to his home from the air terminal.

Prekap – Maunita says she needs to rejoin with Deepa. Kartik slaps her. Priyamani says why you have slapped my lady. Assuming that you really want her right, wed Maunita lady.

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