Kannur Squad

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Mammooty depicts George in Roby Varghese Raj’s Kannur Crew, a sub controller (or ASI?) accountable for three cops. Known as the “Kannur Crew,” the gathering is prestigious for its capacity to settle testing circumstances. They are there when the film opens, currently on the run and attempting to track down a gathering.

Kannur Squad 2023

Action, Thriller

Cast: Mammootty, Kishore Kumar G, Vijayaraghavan, Azeez Nedumangad, Rony David Raj

Director: Garry BH

George Martin (otherwise called Mammootty), an unconventional criminal investigator known for assembling a group of staggeringly gifted police officers to tackle cases in strange ways, is the point of convergence of Kannur Crew. Together, these agents unravel a snare of misdirection and wrongdoing that pervades both their examinations and society as huge.

This film investigates the individual and expert issues of a gathering of cops who put their lives in extreme danger to protect the occupants of their country, as well as featuring the challenges they experience in keeping up with the rule of law in an unstable region. They face a few difficulties on their perilous journey, including legislative obstruction and dangers from crooks, which hold their goal back from finding success.



Members of the Kannur Squad slowly reveal the truth behind crimes by their unwavering dedication to justice, and they actively seek out and hold accountable those who do unlawful acts. “Kannur Squad” serves as an example of the critical importance of bravery, unwavering integrity, and teamwork while taking on obstacles head-on.


Directed by Roby Varghese Raj
Screenplay by Muhammed Shafi Rony David Raj
Story by Muhammed Shafi
Produced by Mammootty
Starring MammoottyRony David Raj Azees Nedumangad Shabareesh Varma Vijayaraghavan Kishore
Cinematography Muhammed Rahil
Edited by Praveen Prabhakar
Music by Sushin Shyam
Mammootty Kampany
Distributed by Wayfarer Films (India)Truth Global Films (Overseas)
Release date 28 September 2023
Running time 161 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam
Box office est. ₹70 crore

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Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru and Kuttavum Shikshayum are separated by Kannur Squad. The mass scenes aren’t horrible, but they don’t really fit with the storytelling approach, and the presence of antagonists who seem to be lifted directly from a masala movie template dilutes the impact of the whole thing. Although Kannur Squad is fairly interesting, it might have been much more.


When was “Kannur Squad” released?

“Kannur Squad” was released on 28 September 2023.

Who are the main actors in the Kannur Squad movie?

Mammootty, Kishore Kumar G, Vijayaraghavan, Azeez Nedumangad, Rony David Raj

Who directed the Kannur Squad Movie?

The film was directed by Roby Varghese Raj.

Is the Kannur Squad movie available on streaming platforms?

Yes, “Kannur Squad” is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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