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Hidimba Movie

Hidimba Movie in iBOMMA. This Movie is Most popular Movie in Telugu. In this Composition is Hidimba Telugu Movie Related News and Information provider. The intriguing caravan for the movie Hidimbha, which stars Ashwin Babu and Nandita Sweta in the crucial corridor, has generated a lot of attention. Aneel Kanneganti is the director of this action suspenser. Let’s see how the movie is formerly we attend the private premiere.

Hidimbha 2023


Cast Ashwin Babu, Nandita Swetha, Raghu Kunche, Rajeev Kanakala, Srinivasa Reddy

Director Aneel Kanneganti


In the megacity of Hyderabad, several women go missing. For the police force, the matter becomes a headache. The task of arresting the lawbreaker is handed to Special Officer Aadya( Nandita Sweta), and ACP Abhay( Ashwin Babu) is added to the team conducting the inquiry. What happed to the ladies who dissolved? Why does the lawbreaker just target women? The central question of the narrative is Did Aadya and Abhay break the hijacking riddle?
The alternate hour is pivotal since it introduces the movie’s primary narrative. Once the flashback parts begin, effects start to come interesting, and the history of a vital backstory is excellent. In the flashback sequences, the narrative approach resembles Karthi’s Khakee a little bit, yet it manages to maintain one’s interest because of the arresting images.

Thepre-climax’s crucial twist is a respectable bone . In an action- acquainted persona, Ashwin Babu impresses. The actor performed a awful job in Hidimbha, and it’s estimable how hard he worked to prepare for the bobby part. Nandita Sweta is given a substantial part, and she excels in it. She has a significant part in the movie’s plot and isn’t only featured in songs.


In the negative part, Makarand Deshpande delivers an outstanding job. He has a rather well- written part, and the alternate half is each about him. One of the movie’s topmost means is the way he seems and acts nasty.

The setting of the movie is interesting, but the manner the characters and circumstances are introduced isn’t particularly strong. The first hour is when the filmmaker makes a mistake since there’s little interest generated by the scenes. The investigative standpoint is epigonic and boring. Then, the situations are boredom and predictable. Only after thepre-interval do effects begin to make sense.

Although the flashback parts are fascinating and the twist is passable, there ought to have been further character development for the adversary.


Directed by Aneel Kanneganti
Written by Kalyana Chakravarthy( discourses)
Produced by Gangapatnam Sridhar
Anil Sunkara( presenter)
Starring Ashwin Babu
Nandita Swetha
CinematographyB. Rajasekar
Edited byM.R. Varma
Music by Vikas Badisa
companies Sri Vignesh Karthik Playhouses
OAK Entertainments
Release date 20 July 2023
Country India
Language Telugu
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Hidimbha is an overall thrilling action suspenser with certain thrills. Although the setting is interesting, the first half of the history is tedious. Only before the interruption does the film really take off, albeit the alternate hour does have some intriguing moments. numerous times, sense are thrown out the window, which greatly slows the impact. also, there’s a lot of violence in the movie, so not everyone will enjoy it. Hidimbha thus turns out to be a passable movie to watch this weekend.


When was “ Hidimba ” released?

“ Hidimba ” was released on 28th July 2023.

Who are the main actors in the Hidimba movie?
Ashwin Babu, Nandita Swetha, Raghu Kunche, Rajeev Kanakala, Srinivasa Reddy

Who directed the Hidimba Movie?

The film was directed by Aneel Kanneganti.

Is the Hidimba movie available on streaming platforms?

Yes, “ Hidimba ” is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

What’s the runtime of the Hidimba movie?

The runtime of “ Hidimba ” is roughly 2 hours and 33 twinkles.

In which language is the movie available?

“ Hidimba ” is primarily in the Telugu language. still, it has been dubbed into other languages like Telugu and Malayalam for a wider followership

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