Get birthday wishes from tarak mehta ka ulta chashma celebrity

Making a birthday greeting is always a great idea, but what if the birthday greeting is made through a video? It would be amazing, right? Do you know you can take birthday surprises to the next level? It is true. Birthdays are always meant to be remarkable. The way birthdays are celebrated can be different, but the moments have to be unique. Getting a celebrity birthday wish would be epic and fantastic, especially when your loved ones fan the serial tarak mehta ka ulta chashma. tarak mehta ka ulta chashma serial is one of the most popular and trending comedy Hindi series that the audience loves to watch. No doubt this serial has acquired a great fanbase. It is always going to be special for those who love to watch the serial. Thanks to the Tring website, adding a personalized message from a celebrity is now possible and affordable. Tring gives you access to your favorite stars like Amit Bhatt and Mayur Vakani to record a customized birthday wish with just a few clicks. The person receiving this message would be just so amazed that they would cherish this moment forever in their lives.


Mayur Vakani and Amit Bhatt are famous faces known for their performances and are adored by the audience. And birthday video wish messages from both of these stars would make anyone’s birthday very special.


Here are some steps to get the wishes from these two celebrities:


1 – Open up your browser and visit the website of Tring, is iBOMMA

2 – Once you open the website of Tring, you will find many celebrities on the platform. All you need to do is search Amit Bhatt and Mayur Vakani in the search bar that is present on the left side of the Tring website.

3 – Once you enter the name, you will see the picture of the celebrity that you have searched for.

4 – Now, you can proceed by clicking on the picture of the celebrity.

5 – You will see the information about the celebrity along with the pricing fees and the message templates. When you scroll down, you will also see an information page that needs to be filled by you. You can add up your personalized message as well.

6 – Once you have customized your birthday video message, you can provide your contact and payment information. Make the payment and your booking is made


You are all set to book your special birthday wish from the Tring website by celebrities like Amit Bhatt and Mayur Vakani.


tarak mehta ka ulta chashma is already a well-known Hindi comedy series and getting birthday wishes from the stars of the show would be just a surprise to the person who will be receiving it. We all know how unforgettable the birthdays, the parties and everything that happens on a birthday are. But this time, try to surprise your loved ones with one special video message birthday wishes exclusively from Mayur Vakani and Amit Bhatt from tarak mehta ka ulta chashma.

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