Charlie 777

Charlie 777

Charlie 777  Telugu Movie in iBomma. In this article is Charlie 777 Telugu Movie Details, Trailer, Review and Information.

Charlie 777 Movie Review

A film about the melting bond between a man and a dog. Charlie 777’. The film has been dubbed from Kannada to Tamil on iBOMMA. However, director Kiranraj makes us emotionally attached without getting the impression that we are watching a dubbed film anywhere.

Dog owners will love their dog even more after watching this movie. Those of us who don’t have a dog wish we could have a dog at home. To such an extent, they have made an impact on the audience by casting a loving, affectionate, beautiful and wonderful dog in the film.

Rakshit Shetty lost his parents and younger sister in an accident at a young age. He lives alone at home without any relationship or friendship. His life is going on like a company where he is looking for work and a house. A dog that comes from somewhere to such a person becomes refuge at random. At first, Rakshit hates the dog and eventually comes to the point where he can’t live without the dog. At that time the dog gets cancer. The vet says it will only live for a few days. Meanwhile, Rakshit tries to fulfill one of the dog’s wishes. Whether or not that happened is the rest of the story.

Rakshit Shetty

Rakshit Shetty is the protagonist of the film who is known to some extent from the film “Avane Sriman Narayanana” which came from Kannada to Tamil in 2019. In this film, he plays an emotional character and makes him melt scene after scene. A dog becomes a grip to one who lives without any grip in life. Rakshit pretends to realize the changes the dog has made in his life and makes him melt. The doctor is shocked to say that the pet dog will die in a few days. The person who has already seen the happiness of the dog while watching the snowfield while watching TV, thinks to take the dog to that place and make him happy. Every effort he makes for it is a guarantee of resilience.

When you see the performance of Charlie the dog, you have to appreciate Pramoth who trained him. Many people who see the movie will think that we should raise a dog like this, after seeing the jokes made by the dog. We also get addicted to the affection shown to Rakshit by lifting his forelegs frequently. After the interval we feel such sympathy for the dog. The scenes are set to such an extent that the movie watchers say ‘Ugh’ as ​​if nothing should happen to it.

Only Rakshi and Nai are given much importance in the film. Sangeeta Sringeri, who plays the role of Animal Welfare Board officer, can be called the heroine of the film. Raj B Shetty as the doctor, Bobby Simha in a special appearance, Sharwari as the little girl Atrika stand out.


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Directed by Kiranraj K. Link Link
Written by Kiranraj K Link Link
Produced by G. S. Gupta
Rakshit Shetty
Dialogue by Raj B. Shetty
Abhijit Mahesh
Starring Charlie
Rakshit Shetty
Sangeetha Sringeri
Raj B. Shetty
Danish Sait
Bobby Simha
Cinematography Aravind Kashyap Link Link
Edited by Pratheek Shetty Link Link
Music by Nobin Paul Link Link
Paramvah Studios Link Link
Release date 10 June 2022
Running time 164 minutes
Country India
Language Kannada
Budget ₹20 crore
Box office est. ₹103.4 crore

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