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Bharateeyans is a bilingual Telugu- Hindi work created by NRIDr. Shankar Naidu. Every Indian should watch Bharateeyans, according to the film’s generators. Let’s check out the movie.

Bharateeyans 2023


Cast Nirroze Putcha, Samaira Sandhu, Subha Ranjan, Peden O Namgyal, Sonam Thendup Barphungpa, Rajeswari Chakraborty

Director Deena Raj


Six people are brought to a military grange by some who claim to be members of the Indian army. They’re Telugu( Nirroze Putcha), Nepali( Sonam Barphungpahailing), Punjabi( Samaira Sandhu), Bhojpuri( Subha Ranjan), Peden O Namgyal( Tripura), and Bengali( Rajeswari Chakraborty) speakers. The six are each given a day of training before being invited to share in a covert charge to China. Given that they’re all dealing with particular mischances, they agree to take on the assignment. Did they negotiate their thing? The main plot point of the narrative is this.


The movie’s photography is enough nice. Through his lens, Jaypal Reddy captured some spectacular images. Sonam Barphungpahailing delivered the stylish performance of all the players, and a many of his sequences are worth seeing.

Nationalism is a serious content with major consequences if it isn’t addressed duly. Bharateeyans makes fun of important public issues in an trouble to inseminate nationalism in observers. The maturity of the moments demonstrate how inadequately the generators grasped the abecedarian nature of nationalism.

The characters are so stupid that they prepare for a public charge after only a single day of instruction. It only shows how bad the movie is when observers chortle throughout the sad scenes.

It appears to be incredibly easy for any arbitrary person to enter a country’s border. We’re reminded of Ali’s pathway in Desamuduru by these images. The character of this RAW agent in the movie is a parody of Agent Tina’s in Vikram. It would be better if filmmakers avoided engaging in similar geste .

One would excitedly anticipate the movie’s conclusion, but it noway comes since the generators were adamant about torturing the bystander. One sometimes questions if Bharateeyans is a movie about nationalism or a body because of the pathetic villain’s character. To challenge the observers ’ situations of tolerance, both sections are extended out without minstrelsy or reason.



Directed by Deena Raj
Written by Deena Raj
Produced by Shankar N Adusumilli
Starring Nirroze Putcha, Samaira Sandhu, Subha Ranjan, Peden O Namgyal, Sonam Thendup Barphungpa, Rajeswari Chakraborty
Cinematography Jayapal Reddy Nimmala
Edited by Shiva Sarvani
Music by Satya Kashyap
company Bharat American Creations
Release date 14 July 2023
Country India
Language Hindi
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Bharateeyans is, all effects considered, a pitiful movie. Nationalism is a sensitive content that has to be handled with caution. There wasn’t the fewest attempt made to comprehend the issue. Some of the public enterprises are made fun of by the dilettantish donation, and the prolonged handling time is tedious. The poignant situations end up being scouted. The film’s ignorance is demonstrated by the way some characters are presented. Bharateeyans is one of the worst recent films, all effects considered.



When was “ Bharateeyans ” released?

“ Bharateeyans ” was released on 14 July 2023.

Who are the main actors in the Bharateeyans movie?
Nirroze Putcha, Samaira Sandhu, Subha Ranjan, Peden O Namgyal, Sonam Thendup Barphungpa, Rajeswari Chakraborty

Who directed the Bharateeyans Movie?

The film was directed by Deena Raj.

Is the Bharateeyans movie available on streaming platforms?

Yes, “ Bharateeyans ” is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

What’s the runtime of the Bharateeyans movie?

The runtime of “ Bharateeyans ” is roughly 2 hours and 33 twinkles.

In which language is the movie available?

“ Bharateeyans ” is primarily in the Telugu language. still, it has been dubbed into other languages like Telugu and Malayalam for a wider followership

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