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As part of his job, Indian YouTuber Arjun( Vasanth Ravi) and his crew visit a haunted home in London. Soon after starting their job, they notice weird events taking place in the manse. What about the home is so enigmatic? What took place there? How is the manse connected to Aarthi Rajagopal( Vimala Raman)? Did they survive the fireWatch the riddle be revealed on the big screen.

Any horror film needs effective sound design to give chine– chinking scenes. Asvins shines in this area, causing the followership to sink lower into their chairpersons due to the creepy music.

Cinematography, in addition to sound design, is essential to producing an instigative visual experience. The first 30 twinkles ’ worth of imagery in particular are stunning.

The story has an interesting narrative, and pen Tarun Teja Mallareddy deserves praise for captivatingly describing it. It’s astonishing how seamlessly fabulous and horror aspects were incorporated.

In his part, Vasanth Ravi gives a atrocious performance. His character’s eventuality is precipitously realised until reaching its height in the conclusion.

horror movie should scarify observers with realisticscary imagery, an absorbing score, and an engaging plot. Although the narrative is engagingnumerous people could find it delicate to grasp.

Tarun Teja deserves praise for his sweats to tell the narrative as effectively as possible. He uses lighting and colour proposition to portray the difference between the material world and the ethereal realm. But for some of the alternate half, the filmmaker struggles to keep the followership’s interest. Asvins may have been a fantastic cerebral horror film with further compelling rudiments.

The movie might have been more fascinating with better illustrationsespecially towards the climax. The dubbing is acceptable, but it might have served from better casting and marketing.


Patron BVSN Prasad
PublicistS. Sivakumar
Director of Photography Edwin Sakay
Costume developer Kanchan Mullick
Sound developer Hari Haran, Sachin Sudhakaran
product ControllerR. Santhanam
Public Relations Suresh Chandra
Editor Venkat Rajen
Co-Producer Praveen Daniel
Public Relations Rekha D’One
Patron Yogesh Sudhakara Mallineni
Sound Mixer Harish Magan
Production Design Don Bala
Writer Tarun Teja Mallareddy
Administrative Patron Sylvin Gerard
Creative Director Naresh Kaushik
Director Tarun Teja Mallareddy
Original Music Composer Vijay Siddharrth
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